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Handwritten autobiography


I was born among sculptures. I learned to walk between plaster molds, half-kneaded clay and bronze figures, while I watched as my mother was modeling large mud anatomies, with a prelude of Chopin floating in the studio. The drawing was my first childhood passion; School notebooks were the best supports for inventing fantastic characters in full color, which often made me forget the monotony of the classrooms.

When I was nine years old, I decided to dismantle a Walt Disney movie, a toy cinema, and replace the roll with another, which I drew and colored by hand, in which appeared a reckless fisherman fighting on the high seas with great sharks. Maybe then came the iconoclast that I’ve always carried inside, with the appearance of a good boy, yes, but iconoclast after all.

I entered adolescence with The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding as background music. It is understandable that, in that scenario of the sixties, psychedelic and convulsive, and with boiling creative hormones, I would dedicate myself to drawing dozens of posters with hippie images, and decorating beautiful t-shirts with a message: “Make love as if it was the war “,” Life is a woman and soul music “.

I started my academic training in the School of Arts and Crafts, where, for two years, I drew large classical statues to charcoal and I started in the study of nude drawing. From this stage I left more educated, but not domesticated. My passion to continue looking for new ways to express myself with the material, led me to alternate those neat drawings with charcoal, with experiments of colored waxes burned on canvas and drawings of insects made with coffee.

After a brief period in the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Madrid), I joined the Sant Jordi Fine Arts School (Barcelona), in the specialty of Sculpture, where I lived together  with a handful of bored teachers and fascinating  classmates. Back in Mallorca I joined a group of artists with whom I experimented with video art, photocopy as a creative medium and performances on public roads. At that time -80’s years-I worked pieces in concrete, pigmented fabrics and figures in polyester resin. Since then, research, the search for new shapes and colors for different itineraries, has been a common denominator in my work. Along the way there have been losses and encounters, doubts and certainties. But it was – and still is – way.

Over the years, my work – sculpture and painting – has traveled to Barcelona, Madrid, Geneva, Toulouse, London, Stockholm, Kiel, Paris, New York and San Juan de Puerto Rico. Although, the important thing for me, is that, wherever my works are, they are still alive and growing.

The essential thing for me is that my sculptural work, whatever its shapes and colors, always throbs like a new reality; that it be the physical, emotional and exciting representation of the life that I contemplate every day with the same delighted eyes of that child who filled his notebooks with drawings.